Civic Marshall Plan Planks

Plank 10: Dropout Recovery

Efforts to recover and reengage young people who drop out of high school have increased in some communities. These efforts, however, can be improved and expanded by using data to gain a clearer picture of who the opportunity youth are and what services and academic supports they need to get back on track. Other efforts should reduce administrative barriers to cross-sector collaboration to improve coordination between education, workforce, and social support programs to help opportunity youth reengage with school. Leaders in this area should expand availability of high-quality alternative pathways programs that re-engage dropouts and off-track youth in education and job training; allow education funding to follow opportunity youth who enroll in a re-engagement program; and research, develop, and replicate effective models to serve off-track and out-of-school youth. Additional efforts to transform alternative education settings can provide more opportunities for students to return to school, including expanding charter school requirements to include alternative education settings that enroll disconnected youth; and strengthening accountability measures for alternative programs that provide programs with the flexibility needed to help students succeed, while requiring students meet state standards and reforming or closing poor performing alternative programs.

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