Chapter 3
. A. Support Policies That Promote Accurate Graduation And Dropout Data

Schools and communities cannot address the dropout problem adequately without accurate data. The National Governors Association established a 50-state compact that provides a common definition for high school graduation rates, and the U.S. Department of Education is requiring that measure, the Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate. (See Chapter 2 for more detailed explanation of graduation rates.) Only three states are not reporting this cohort rate for the Class of 2011. These rates should be available at the district and school levels, on district-published report cards, and data should be categorized by gender, racial, and ethnic subgroups. If you cannot readily find this information, ask your principal or district officials for this information. Graduation rate data are also available on your state department of education website, which you can find in Appendix D the Building a Grad Nation report.

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